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Monday   January 23, 2017   08:54 pm   Greater St. Louis Area Council BSA, St. Louis, MO. USA

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Cabin Campout UPDATE 1/12 @9pm

The weather forecast for Friday is terrible
We have to cancel completely. We attempted to shift the trip to Saturday evening returning on Monday but Mr. S. has to work on Monday. Food has not been purchased so you will get a full refund. Sorry, I was looking forward to this trip...

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Summer Camp 2010

We attended Camp Gamble with 33 Scouts and leaders. Can you say DQ for Parents Night???! Click here to see the pictures!

2010 Haunted House

Our 22nd annual Haunted House went down almost flawlessly! Thanks to all who came! Click here to see your picture! Members may see the internal pictures inside the "Members Only area".

Canada & Maine 2009

WOW 4200 miles in 16 days. We found hiking trails that were harder than Colorado. But, it made for an AWESOME trip! Click here to see the pictures!

Summer Camp 2009

We attended Camp Gamble with 21 Scouts and leaders. We had a care package of toys for the water carnival! Click here to see the pictures!

Shiloh Tennessee 2007

Pictures I finally had time to post of Shiloh 2007 Click here to see the pictures!

Florida Seabase 2007

The high adventure trip for this year was a trip to Florida Seabase. Click here to see the pictures!

Summer Camp 2007

We attended Camp Sakima with 27 Scouts and leaders. Click here to see the pictures!

2006 Little Scott Cave

Mud, mud and even more mud!!! Spelunking is such great fun. See the muddy pictures! here .

Philmont 2005

Looks like no one else is going to contribute pictures. Click here to see the great time everyone had!

We're 50 years old!

November 2005 marked the 50th Anniversary of the formation of Boy Scout Troop 374. We had a huge celebration on Saturday Feb 4th 2006 and 22 past Eagle Scouts attended!!! Pictures can be seen here. For those interested a commerative CD is available for a small donation.

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Christmas Tree Lot

For a discount coupon and more information click here to see our flier.

2012 Haunted House

After missing last year, our 23rd annual Haunted House is back and was well attended.! Thanks to all who came! Click here to see your picture! Members may see the internal pictures inside the "Members Only area".

2011 Christmas Tree Lot Theft Coverage Goes WORLDWIDE!

2011 was an interesting year for Troop 374's Christmas Tree Lot. We discovered a lady stealing Christmas Trees for the THIRD year in a row! And this year she stole TWO trees! Fox 2 news found about the story and the newswire apparently got a hold of the story. After that it went viral! Below are links a few of the sites that covered the story of us:
Fox 2 News (The best story)
KPLR 11 (North County)
Scouting Magazine
ABC News Video
CNN on YouTube

And the reports keep coming in!!!

Summer Camp 2011

We attended Camp Famous Eagle with 29 Scouts and leaders. The weather was AWESOME! Click here to see the pictures!

Good Friday Tornado

The entire area just 500ft south of the church was hit by a tornado on April 22, 2011. The troop did a church clean-up on Saturday. It was raining so no one took pictures of the clean-up. Click here to see the pictures of the nearby area!

2009 Haunted House

Our 21st annual Haunted House was again a success! Thanks to all who came! Click here to see your picture! Members may see the internal pictures inside the "Members Only area".

2009 Challange Course

We got High in the SKY!!
Click here to see the pictures!
Everyone was sore for a week but we had a Totally awesome time!

2008 Haunted House

Our 20th annual Haunted House was again a success! Thanks to all who came! Click here to see your picture! Members may see the internal pictures inside the "Members Only area".

Summer Camp 2008

We attended Camp Gamble with 26 Scouts and leaders. Great temperatures added to the great time! Click here to see the pictures!

Hidden Valley Ski 2008

WWWOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!! Great weather and not too crowded Click Here to see the fun we had snow skiing at Hidden Valley!

Exotic Cooking Campout 2007

This campout was ALL about FOOD!!!. Click here to see who prepared the best meals!

Rock Climbing 2007

Although not well attended September 2007 we went Rock Climbing at S/F Scout Ranch. Click here to see the pictures! Those that attended had a GREAT time!

2007 Realistic 1st Aid

In January we did a pretty cool demonstration on Realistic 1st Aid. Click here to see the pictures.

Previous years '1st Aid' Demo's:
2000 1st Aid
2001 1st Aid

Great Northwest Trip

The older Scouts had a great trip this summer! 16 Scouts and leaders went to Glacier National Park and beyond! Click here to see this unbelievable trip!

Like To Hike?

We do, too. Check out our favorite adventures:
Philmont Scout Ranch 2001
Wheelers Peak in New Mexico
John J. Audubon Hike
The Green Rock Trail
Taum Sauk Trail

(or Click here to see what others have said about us!)

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